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Plumbing, Heating & ElectricalWhile it is not something you always see, your plumbing, heating and electrics are some of the most complex systems in your house. They are also some of the most important, and without the right piping and wiring, even the best designed kitchens and bathrooms just won’t function correctly.

Specialists in all areas

At RJH we can ensure that the areas you do not see compliment those that you do. We have a number of experts, as well as a range of skilled, friendly and reliable contractors who can help to design and implement the right plumbing, heating or electrical system for your home.

As many plumbing or electrical tasks can be extremely complex, we will be able to bring in the right team for the right job. Our emphasis on quality enables us to reassure you that your home will be fully powered, heated and watered for years to come.

Repairs and renovations

We have experience working, not just on the smaller repair or maintenance tasks, but we are also able to work on larger renovations or redesigns.

We are in the know! We have long standing relationships with architects and contractors. This means we are able to put you in touch with the right people to design plans from your visions and ideas. We are also able to work with an existing team of architects or contractors to ensure your grand designs function just as you imagined they would.

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