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Security & Fireproofing


Protecting your business against the worst

Security & FireproofingUnfortunately, every business premises faces two critical risks: the risk of break in and the risk of fire. While, of course, some businesses are more exposed to these risks than others, the security and fireproofing should be at the forefront of every business owners mind if you are designing, renovating or purchasing your premises.

Finding security solutions

At RJH, we have experience working with businesses to improve their security. We have extensive contacts with different contractors and experts, including specialist locksmiths and alarm fitting engineers who can make your premises safe and secure.

We appreciate that for many businesses, good security is not just a simple luxury, it is a necessity and is critical to ensuring your work remains safe and secure and confidential information stays confidential. It is not worth risking your business’s security so give us a call to discuss what we can do for you.

Safeguarding against the risk of fire

It is not just professional kitchens that run a fire risk. An overheating laptop or stray cable could cause considerable damage to even the smallest business. It is easy to overlook fireproofing, but it is an essential part of meeting health and safety standards for your business.

We can supply a wide range of products and materials to help fireproof your property. Whether it is just one room or an entire building you need fireproofing, we have the expertise and experience to ensure the safety of your business.

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