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Mezzanine Floors


Make more room for your business

Mezzanine FloorsCommercial space can be expensive, particularly as you get closer to London and in the big commuter towns. However, you don’t necessarily need to look at renting more floor space to create more room. A mezzanine can be a fantastic way of opening up your retail premises or office space.

Maximise the potential of your premises

A mezzanine is a way of making use of often forgotten, wasted or unrealised space in your business premises. While it suits some businesses to use a mezzanine floor as a stockroom, staffroom or extra desk space, it can turn a customer-facing business environment from an ordinary showroom or shop floor into a real feature.

At RJH, we can put you in touch with a specialist team of architects who are experts at designing and installing mezzanine floors. We can help you generate the greatest additional floor space for the lowest cost and, of course, we are able to cater for any additional features you may require.

Fitted to the highest standards

A mezzanine can be a complex installation, and as such our contractors always work with the highest quality materials and aim to exceed all the relevant safety regulations. You can be sure that our work will last and deliver great value to your business for years to come.

We also know that the installation process can be costly for businesses, particularly if they need to close while work is being done. Our team of contractors always work efficiently and quietly to minimise the impact of our work on your business.

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