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Ensuring your drainage meets your business needs

DrainageFor all businesses, some element of drainage is a necessity, and if it’s not working properly it can cause considerable problems, often forcing you to close. However, for restaurants and cafes, a good drainage system is simply essential and it is difficult to imagine how your business would be able to function without it

Expert repair work

At RJH, we appreciate the risks of poorly maintained or unattended drainage. We have many years of experience maintaining and repairing even the most complex drainage systems. We have an extensive list of contacts with the expertise to solve all manner of drainage issues so we can quickly help you get things flowing smoothly once again.

Our team of contractors always work to the highest standards. We will ensure that your drainage works meet local, national and industry specific regulation. We know this is especially important in the food industry where we are experts in working with restaurants and cafes.

Making growth easy

We also know that as your business grows, so too do your waste management needs. If you intend to expand your premises, perhaps add a new bathroom or want to move a sink, our team of designers can work with you to ensure that your drainage fits your business needs.

We can also ensure that your new premises are draining efficiently and can develop drainage systems to match the designs and requirements of any new venture.

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