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Built around your business

Design & BuildYou need your premises to work with your business, not the other way around, and there is no better way to get the perfect space for your business, than to design and build it yourself from scratch. Whether you need a shiny new headquarters, a professional kitchen and restaurant space or a standout shop front, we can design and deliver whatever your business requires.

Customised design process

At RJH we know that every business likes to do things a little bit differently, and our knowledgeable team are here to understand your needs and the way in which you and your team work. Just like a fine tailored suit, we are able to design a building that fits you, in terms of function, appearance and budget.

We work with a number of expert architects, structural engineers and contractors who can help you implement your vision or can work independently to develop a design that is perfectly suited to your business needs.

Our stress-free approach

While a design and build project might seem daunting and time consuming, our team are there to advise you on the big decisions and to make the build as stress-free as possible. We always guarantee our work meets and exceeds the relevant safety standards, and our contractors pride themselves on their friendly and efficient approach.

Our approach allows you to focus on what matters most to you: running your business!

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